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About being in control of your person data while using iYYU

By Rosa Louwerse

Person data is a concept that, in our vision, goes beyond the concept of personal data. We at iYYU strongly believe that all data that involves your person, is your data. You should be able to control who sees what when being online. In the blog post ‘Your person data is your data’ we talked about the concept of the Person Data Stack and what we see as data that involves your person. In this blog post, I like to share a little bit more, as an introduction, about how we as a team translated this idea and vision into platform functionality. Let’s go into the concept of ‘Visibility settings’. 

When you are using a tool online or when you log on to a service or platform, you can most of the time manage certain settings in your ‘account’. Passport management, notification control, settings related to the use of that specific application. And we all know the settings button. But what about managing your person data? Are you able to be in control of your person data when going to the settings button? 

At iYYU we believe all users of the Internet should be able to control and manage their person data. With privacy at the heart of our decision-making, we envision iYYU as a platform where all individual users are able to manage every bit of their person data anytime, anywhere. Would it not be great if you could differentiate when, for how long, and with whom you share something what’s yours, online? 

On our journey to create a Privacy first communication platform we have translated this vision into something we call ‘visibility settings’. When you log on to iYYU via the browser and later on via the iYYU app, you will discover the ‘ME’ section. Here you will be able to see where your data is going and which person data you shared with whom. You will be able to manage your person data anytime and anywhere. You will be in control. 

At the moment of writing this blog post, the first ME-related settings are implemented. You can be in control of which personal data, you want to share with whom via your ‘VI cards’. These cards can be seen as little business cards which you can make personal to all your connections. Besides this first step of being in control, you are also in charge of your profile settings related to the iYYU Society, the area of iYYU where you can find other users and where you can see what’s happening on the platform. All is visible only when users have given permission. Did you already find out how to manage your VI Cards in ME?

In this phase of development, it is about being in control of your personal data related to the visibility of your personal data to others (users and non-users). It’s a beginning to be fully in control of all your person data. But being in control needs more than only usage functionalities. ‘Behind’ the scene of the use of the platform you need to be in control as well. It’s about being in control of your person data towards us, the people who are building the platform, and therefore towards the company. In the blog post ‘Person data separation’, we will dive into how iYYU is dealing with all person data issues in more detail. 

In the upcoming months, we will share more with you about how the iYYU platform functionality is created with your privacy in the heart of the decision making. Curious what will come next? Let’s connect and make sure we invite you to our next online group chat about Privacy first! 

Rosa Louwerse 

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Visuals by Dennis Luijer