On our promise ‘You give us your trust, we are Privacy first’

Privacy at the heart of our decision-making

By Rosa Louwerse

When talking about privacy you are probably familiar with the argument ‘I have nothing to hide'. It’s a common thought that privacy is only about hiding something from the public. But when you dive a little bit deeper into the topic, you will discover that privacy is a subject that you easily can spell with a capital P. Your right to Privacy is a basic human right. At iYYU we believe we all have to take a stand for this right with enormous conviction as we live in a fast-growing digital world. In this blog post I would like to share with you something about what we, the team behind iYYU, see as our promise to you.

Creating a Privacy first communication platform is a way to not only stand for the right to privacy, but it is also a way to create something that gives others the necessary tools to be in control of their privacy in a more modern way. We believe we need to put you at the center of the platform and by making privacy more visible it is our drive to enable you to be more in control of your person data. With the notion of privacy evolving in time we are doing our best to create a platform that becomes a little bit more Privacy first everyday. 

The value of technology is determined by how it is used. You create the value. You endorse a platform by using it. You give your trust to the provider of the platform. And in that respect you decide to give us trust. It is up to us to deliver upon our promise. A promise to work hard to give you, the world the best solution for external communication with your privacy rights in the core of our developments. How do we intend to do that? Follow our blog posts, read the news updates and explore iYYU for yourself.

We are looking forward taking next steps in developing iYYU further and we like to invite you to join our journey. You gives us your trust, we are Privacy first. Let’s connect.

Rosa Louwerse 

‘Be open, be positive, be you. Connect with me on iyyu.com/vi/rosa-louwerse'

Visuals by Dennis Luijer