To Log on or not to Log on

Internet for Interaction

By Rosa Louwerse

Let’s start this blog post with a question: “Do you use the Internet most of the time being logged on or not logged on to a service and/or platform?” I’m pretty sure we all use the Internet most of the time logged on, especially when using apps. When we are scrolling down through our socials, we are logged on. When we are using online services we are logged on and when we shop online being logged on has a lot of advantages. And every time we go online, when we register ourselves to something, submit a form etcetera, a bit of (person) data is collected. And with having the ambition to create a communication platform where the user is in control of their person data, where we see your privacy rights as human rights, the conversation about being more consciousness when logged on or not is increasingly relevant. 

It is an understatement to say that we all use the Internet differently than 20 years ago. In our more and more connected society in which we live and work, the evolution of logging on to the Internet and hence the collection of person data, is picking up enormous speed. The purpose of being connected to the Internet is in a mayor transition. Being active and participative in society today without being logged on, is almost impossible. The ‘Internet for information’ is transforming into the ‘Internet for Interaction’. 

The benefits and convenience of being connected, being logged on, sharing your person data while being online, might outclass the possible negative consequences of organisations having and using your person data. We’re not always aware what we’re sharing ourselves or what others are collecting when it comes to our person data. So for me the question arises, what will the future look like when using data and person data is the core of how the Internet is used? How can we as society make sure we all have the opportunity to use the Internet for interaction without giving all our person data away? How can we interact with those important to us on our own terms?

At iYYU we have an ideal world in mind where it is transparent which person data is used by whom and for what reason. We have the ambition to give all our users the tools that allow us to be more in control of the data you want to share with others. Not only to your connections but also with us, iYYU. You own your person data. We as an organisation can only use your data with your consent. 

In the development of the iYYU platform we are on a ‘moving train’ when it comes to making it transparent which data you share with whom. We have created the ‘ME’ section which can be seen as your personal manage hub in relation to your person data. For example, in this section you can manage which data you share with your connections. In another blog post we will go into more detail about this feature we called ‘visibility settings’. 

In our journey to create a platform which provides transparency, options for control and taking into account ownership in relation to your person data, we are moving forward everyday.

Rosa Louwerse 

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Visuals by Dennis Luijer