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Co-founder and CEO iYYU.com

Bio Jake Blok
Co-founder & CEO of iYYU.com
Founder of the Wish Will Way Foundation
-Board member of the You are Your profile Foundation
-Board member of the Digital Rights House Foundation
-Board member of the iYYU Doing Good Foundation

From a professional perspective, I consider myself an entrepreneur. From a doing good perspective I believe there is an important role to be played in stimulating the development of a more dignity driven society, also online!

I am co-founder and CEO of iYYU.com, a privacy first communication platform start up that has taken the challenge seriously to provide full control of your own data and the development of tooling to interact with those important to you on your own terms when online. As founder of the Wish Will Way Foundation, my personal foundation, I stimulate initiatives and research. This has led to the rise of a number of impactful initiatives like ‘You are Your profile’ (Stimulating awareness on person data online), and recently ‘Digital Rights House’ (Stimulating cities to speed up the adoption of digital rights in the city).

In life in general, I believe it is important to want to know your wish and to have the will to act. I believe then there is always a way. It is time to create a more dignity driven and modern connected society by raising awareness for privacy/digital rights topics.

https://iyyu.com/vi/jake-blok | https://wishwillway.org

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