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"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: (In Dutch) ‘Code the Streets pilot: draag bij aan een leefbaar Amste..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: ‘Technologiehoogleraren gelauwerd, gaan nieuw sociaal netwerk opzet..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: (In Dutch) ‘Trendupdate: digitalisering en mensenrechten’ https://v..."

Co-founder and CEO iYYU.com

From a professional perspective, I consider myself an entrepreneur. I am co-founder and CEO of iYYU.com and founder of the Wish Will Way Foundation. In life in general, I believe it is important to want to know your wish and to have the will to act. I believe then there is always a way. Join me to create a more dignity driven and modern connected society by raising awareness for privacy/digital rights topics.

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