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Jake Blok
Jake Blok
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: (In Dutch) ‘Code the Streets pilot: draag bij aan een leefbaar Amsterdam’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: ‘Technologiehoogleraren gelauwerd, gaan nieuw sociaal netwerk opzetten’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: (In Dutch) ‘Trendupdate: digitalisering en mensenrechten’ (In Dutch) 'Als je..."
"Good morning! ‘UN urges moratorium on use of AI that imperils human rights’"
"Internship in Geneva "
"Good morning! Have a nice week. Here is some inspiration for today: The Human Library (In Dutch) ‘Datahonger: Een grote zorg voor ons allemaal’ https://managementsco..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the weekend: The AI Act is a proposed European law on artificial intelligence (AI). ‘Presenting our newest solar-vehicle..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: Coming 15 September it is UN International Day of Democracy.’ Strengthening democratic resilience in the face of future crises’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you: Today is ‘UN International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances’. Heard of ..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for you: ‘Seaglider: This boat-plane hybrid could transform inter-city commutes’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for your day. ‘Winning formula: How Europe’s top tech start-ups get it right’"
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for today: (In Dutch) ‘Ethiek en chatbots’ ‘Podcast: Wat is het geheim achter vertrouwen in digitale diensten?..."
"Good day! Have an inspiring week. Today is the UN ‘International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition’. ‘Cryp..."
"Good day! Have a great Monday. Here is some inspiration for you. This just came in via the network. ‘The smart city will become our playground – “Therefore, the digital ID will represent the ‘virtu..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today! (In Dutch) Amsterdam ‘Gemeente kijkt naar Herengracht zonder parkeerplaatsen.’"
"Good morning! Check out the ‘Leonardo da Vinci DNA Project’. Tomorrow is UN International Youth Day."
"Check out the Anthem Awards. ‘Celebrating purpose & mission-driven work from people, companies and organizations worldwide.’ ‘The 1st Annual Anthem Awards Early Entry Deadline is August 6, 2021.’..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today: ‘Search millions of names & places.’ ‘Agrobot - Agricultural robots’ Curious about this restauran..."
"Good day! Here is a bit of inspiration for the remainder of the day: (In Dutch) ‘Tegen het einde van de zomer staat de heide op de Veluwe in bloei.’"
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for you for the remainder of the day: (In Dutch) Interview in Volkskrant met Daan Roosegaarde Daan Roosegaarde wil actie in de klimaatcrisis: ‘Wat kan ik doen? Wa..."
"Good morning! Enjoy your Friday. Here is some inspiration to take into the weekend. ‘Hundreds of cities back U.N. fight against global woes.’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today. An internship opportunity in Geneva."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today. Today is UN World Chess Day. UN: ‘Throughout history, games and sports have helped humanity to su..."
"Good morning! Have a great week. Here is some inspiration. ‘Data | Philosophy Tube’ ‘Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film..."
"Good day! Have a great weekend. Here is some inspiration for the day. ‘Soroptimist International – 100th Birthday’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration to start up Friday. (In Dutch) ‘Rubiks kubus beschermd door auteursrecht.’"
"Have a great remainder of your Tuesday. Here is some inspiration for you: Still makes you think … GENERAL MAGIC - Official Trailer. (In Du..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the remainder of your Sunday. Today is UN World Population Day. (In Dutch) Tentoonstelling in NEMO: Zo ..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the remainder of your lovely day. ‘Four-day week 'an overwhelming success' in Iceland’"
"Happy Saturday to everyone! Here are some spottings if you are in need of inspiration :) Today is ‘UN International Day of Cooperatives’. (In Dutc..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for the Friday morning: (In Dutch) De escape room van Roos Groothuizen: (In Dutch) ‘Europa trekt e..."
"Good day! Hier is some inspiration for the remainder of your Thursday. (In Dutch) ‘Excuses voor Amsterdams slavernijverleden’"
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for you. Today is the ‘UN United Nations Public Service Day’. Theme of this year: Innovating for a new era: Leveraging the role of technology for the future public..."
"Good morning! Have a great Tuesday. Here is some inspiration for you. (In Dutch) ‘OpenStad winnaar GemeenteDelers 2021’ https..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration to spark your week. News update by European Parliament titled ‘Migration: a common challenge’."
"Good morning! Happy Sunday! ‘Something to talk about: Why playful public spaces inspire serious connection.’"
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the weekend! ‘António Guterres secures second term as UN Secretary-General, calls for new era of ‘solidarity and equality’. Check it out here. “We also need to..."
"Good day! Have a great Thursday. ’10 VCs say interactivity, regulation and independent creators will reshape digital media in 2021.’"
"Have a great Wednesday. Here is some inspiration for you. ‘Mayors Challenge: Announcing this year’s 50 Champion Cities’"
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for you. (Dutch) ‘Microsoft brengt minikoelkast met ontwerp van Xbox Series X op de markt.’"
" Good morning! Here is a story for you. Getting swallowed by a whale and surviving! Enjoy today! "
"Good morning! Here is some stuff to reflect on this week. World Food Safety Day Access to sufficient amounts of safe food is key to sustaining life and promoting good health."
"Almost weekend! Here is some inspiration. In Dutch: ‘Brussel wil digitale ID-kaart waarmee je ook kunt inloggen bij grote websites.’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for the week. ‘France is banning any short flight that can be replaced by a train trip’"
"Good morning! Enjoy your Sunday. Do you want some inspiration for today? You might want to read the article on Inc titled ‘Genghis Khan's 3 Strategies For Success’"
"Just for fun! "
"Happy World Bee Day! ‘Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are increasingly under threat from human activities.’ Source: Ch..."
"Good morning! Privacy is an opportunity!! We already knew this of course :) Cool to see that big tech like Apple and Google are taking steps. For instance, check out the new android design (Google)..."
"Good morning! Today is the UN World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. Theme is ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times’. ("
"Good morning! Have a great Tuesday. Here is some inspiration for today. The Webby Awards is looking for a new Managing Director."
"Good morning! Have a great Tuesday. Here is some inspiration for you. Speech. Ai. Microsoft. Nuance. Curious how cities will react to this news. (Please protect the rights of your citizens.) https..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for today. Today is International Day of Human Space Flight. Here is a piece titled 'How to boost your..."
"Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend. And wish you all a great week. Here is some inspiration if you need it :) (In Dutch) Browns Mill https:/..."
"Good morning, Have a great Friday! ‘\Sustain 100: the European sustainability startups to watch in 2021’ ‘This is the young people’s version of the official d..."
"Good morning! I wish you a great day. If in need of some inspiration I made a list of links that crossed my path lately. ‘Cleantech ForEst and Sunly opened the Estonian Cleantech Demo Centre.’ http..."
"Good day, Enjoy your Wednesday! Today is ‘UN International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims’."
"Good day! Hope you have a great Sunday. Today, it is UN World Poetry day. Listen to Maya Angelou with 'A Brave and Startling Truth'."
"Good morning! Let’s dive into some inspiration for you on this terrific Thursday. ‘Google Nest 2 home device tracks body activity in bed.’ (Spotted on BBC)"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you on this wonderful Wednesday morning: 'Straight Outta Ulaanbaatar: A portrait of Mongolia's burgeoning hip-hop scene.’"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you on this terrific Tuesday! Check out this online event organised by Pakhuis de Zwijger and The Media Architecture Biennale 20 (MAB20) titled ‘Where Medi..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the start of your week. We love Mondays :) (Spotted on Reuters) ‘Japan's teamLab melds museum and sauna in fresh digital art experience.’ https://mobile-reuter..."
"Good morning! Enjoy your Sunday. Here is a relatively old article on the concept of AirPods becoming a platform. With all the noise around Clubhouse I think the time for more audio based concepts is..."
"Hi! Enjoy your Saturday. Here is inspiration from Anouk with her song 'It's a new day'. Greets Jake "
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you. (In Dutch) ‘Nobelprijswinnares Malala Yousafzai sluit deal met Apple TV+.’"
"Good day! MozFest 2021 is here! Check out the schedule here: Other stuff that grabbed my attention: (In Dutch) ‘De uitzending van 7 maart met onder and..."
"Good morning! Have a great day. ‘Google says it won’t adopt new tracking tech after phasing out cookies.’ (Spotted on Techcrunch and BBC) The Webby Awards is looking for a director for it’s Purpos..."
"Good morning! Today is UN World Wildlife Day. António Guterres: “Let us remind ourselves of our duty to preserve and sustainably use the vast variety of life on the planet. Let us push for a more car..."
"Good morning! Have a great Tuesday. Have some time to spare? Is this a good thing? On MyHeritage you can ‘animate’ your family photo’s. They call it ‘Deep Nostalgia’. ‘Deep’ learning technology is ..."
"Good morning! (In Dutch) Hierbij een NOS bericht over status ‘hacks gericht op persoonsgegevens in 2020’. “Het aantal hacks dat erop is gericht persoonsgegevens buit te maken, is vorig jaar met bijn..."
"Good morning! I wish everyone a Happy Sunday! Open for an interesting read? Check out this piece on CNN titled ‘The worldwide web as we know it may be ending’. More in a food mood…check out the bur..."
"Good morning fellow citizen! Let us kick off today’s note with ‘Happy Human Fraternity Day’ to all! Check out what the UN has to say. In diving into developments taking place in society, here are s..."
"Good morning! A bit of tech developments as inspiration for your day. Responsible Sensing Lab in Amsterdam. Morgen, donderdag 28 januari is de officiële opening van het Responsible Sensing Lab. Spo..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you. Yesterday and today CAS is taking place. The Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 aims to accelerate climate adaptation action. Check out the summit here. T..."
"Good morning! 2021 will be the year that pushed privacy in online communication forward. Expect stuff like Private Messaging, Temporary chat rooms, self destructing messages and more but also a great..."
"Good morning! Amsterdam just shared it's Data Strategy. Cool! Check it out. Greets Jake Sources: "
"Good morning! A great week to everyone! Here is some inspiration forward. An infographic spotted on Visual Capitalist: ‘The World’s Most Influential Values, In One Graphic’ Het kunstwerk van Kati..."
"Good morning! Here is a spotting for your Sunday in case you are in need of some inspiration. #Takecarebeforeyoushare What is pause? Have a great Sunday, greets Jake Sources: https://pledgetop..."
"Good day! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. If in need of something to do check out the following: (In Dutch) Gemeente Amsterdam is op zoek naar een nieuwe relatiegeschenk om weg te geven tijdens b..."
"Good day! Hope you are having a great Saturday. Here is some additional inspiration: An opinion piece on MIT Technology Review titled ‘Users, not tech executives, should decide what constitutes fre..."
"Good morning! I hope all had a safe jump into 2021! Change is in the air. This year will be awesome. For now, have a great day! Greets Jake "
"Happy 2021! Have a safe jump into 2021. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Dive into the United Nations. Here is a blog post on ’75 years of helping people everywhere’ by António Guterr..."
"Good morning! Here are 2 bites of inspiration for you on the last day of this year. “Don't drop out! Don't quit your job! Skip class or work for 1 week. We are fast-tracking early technical tinkerer..."
"Good morning! Have a nice day. Here is some inspiration for you. (In Dutch) ‘Robots van Boston Dynamics schudden mechanische heupen los.’ Spotted on Huffpost: ‘A Chronological List Of 2020’s Most ..."
"Good day! Here is some inspiration for the remainder of today. Spotted on CNN: ‘What architecture could look like after Covid-19.’ A Kickstarter project: ‘Limbic - Physical Gaming for Your Home’ (..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration for you. The ‘Take 5 for Privacy’ podcast The infographic ’50 Years of Gaming History, by Revenue Stream (1970-2020)’ (In Dutch) A post titled ‘Als sleutels..."
"Good day! Have a great 25th of December! Here is some inspiration (In Dutch) ‘Britse tv-zender komt met deepfake kersttoespraak koningin als waarschuwing.’ (In Dutch) ‘Mogelijk hoge boetes voor ..."
"Good morning! Wishing all a great couple of days ahead! Here is some inspiration if you have time :) ‘Growing Red Bell Pepper From Seed Time Lapse.’ Top 10 Highlights of 2020 according to the Ams..."
"Good evening! Here is a post for inspiration spotted on Innovation Origins: Prince Constantijn: “If the Netherlands wants to remain relevant, we have to want to be frontrunners” Source: https://i..."
"Good morning! As we are heading towards end of the year and preparing ourselves for a great jump into 2021, here is a bit of inspiration for the day. Looking back Yesterday was UN International Hum..."
"Good evening! Here is some inspiration to wrap up the day. Refik Anadol @ TED Enjoy! Greets Jake Source:"
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration to get you started. Today is UN International Migrants Day. Take a moment to check it out. Also, if inspired, have a look at Global Compact for Safe, Orderly ..."
"Good morning! It is a good day! Just 2 spottings to get you started! ‘Privacy is the new competitive battleground’ (Techcrunch) This article touches the growing demand for privacy. Upcoming impo..."
"Good day! Have a great day. Here is some inspiration for now. ‘A robot wrote these startups pitches. Would you invest in them?’ Photography by Giorgia Hofer Featured by CNN: Ana Ros Sources: ht..."
"Good morning! Here is some inspiration to bring you through this nice day. A video by the dancing Masaka Kids. Go Global with ''. On scaling up your company internationally. Enjoy! Sou..."
"Good morning! Wishing all a great week! For today, here are some spottings for inspiration: (In Dutch) 'Dataverhalen in Den Haag' Spotted on CNN: 'The robots are coming to make our lives easier.' ..."
"Good day! Today it is UN Internation Day of Neutrality. Check out what this means. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! Sources: "
"Good morning! A brief note for today. Yesterday the short film 'You are Your profile' was launched during a talkshow in Pakhuis de Zwijger and afterwards made available on Fee..."
"Good morning global citizen, good morning friends, Today is UN Human Rights Day. Check out the illustrated version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here. All over the world basic human r..."
"Good morning! Excitement is in the air. Here is some inspiration for today. If you have time tomorrow at 14:45 … We are in a talkshow. Yesterday: ‘French President Emmanuel Macron & Niklas Zen..."
"Good morning! Enjoy today! Please mark your agenda...Thursday is UN Human Rights Day. Greets Jake "
"Good morning! Here is a bite of inspiration for today. Enjoy your day, greets Jake "
"Good morning on this beautiful Sunday, Here is a bit of inspiration for today. I encountered this course online and immediately signed up. Perhaps also interesting for you. ‘Ethics of AI’, a free on..."
"Good morning global citizen! Today is a great day! Here is some inspiration for today: Spotted on Medium: ‘The Neuroscience Of Storytelling Will Make You Rethink The Way You Create.’ (In Dutch) ’5..."
"Good morning! Let’s make it a great day together! Here is some inspiration. Starting with the trends for 2021 by our friends at It is getting more and more difficult to know for..."
"Good morning! Today, on UN World AIDS Day, I would like to share the quote of the day! “No one is safe until everyone is safe.” Enjoy your day and stay safe. "
"Good morning! Have a great week! If in need of some inspiration…have a look at GUSO. Today starts GUSO, ‘Get up Speak out’ for youth rights. Check it out. Source:"
" Good morning! Congrats to the team for all the effort which went into the new release. Good luck with the last preparations for tomorrow! In this note some inspiration for your Wednesday...."
" Good morning fellow global citizen! Looking for an interesting job? Check this out in the city of Amsterdam: Projectleider Duurzame Digitalisering This is also a ‘job’ for you perhaps. ‘The Ho-Ho-H..."
" Good morning! Have a great week. Inspiration to get you on your way: ‘What happens when we stop putting people in boxes?’ Source:"
"Good morning fellow citizen of our global society! What a day it will be. My wish for today is for us to reflect a bit and specifically on our own acts in life. Today is UN World Philosophy Day. h..."
"Hi global citizen, Good morning! Here is some inspiration to start up your week. ‘Norway pioneered electric ferries. Now it's making them self-driving.’ Today is the UN International Day for Toler..."
"Happy Sunday! Here is some inspiration for the remainder of the weekend. The ‘Childline’ initiative. The ‘Kids Help Phone’ initiative. We added some basic definitions of ‘negative methods’ to the Di..."
"Good day! Here are some links to movie trailers just in case you are staying in this evening :) The King’s Man trailer 3 James Bond No time to die Trailer Death on the Nile trailer Tomorrow On..."
"Have a nice weekend! Greets Jake "
"Good morning global citizen! A lot came by this morning. Here is a selection: ‘Privacy not included’ is a shopping guide for connected products, which are safe and secure. Amsterdam is on a role yo..."
"Good morning! In this Thursday morning note a selection of items that grabbed my attention in the early hours. ‘This 81-year-old Italian man couldn't visit his wife in hospital, so he serenaded her ..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Today I am diving into the 59th session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD59). The ‘priority theme’ is ‘Socially just transition towards sustainable developm..."
"Dear followers, Had a nice day today shooting for the documentary 'You are Your profile'. Feel free to check this out. Almost last call for submissions for the Privacy Playlist. Today is UN World S..."
"What a weekend! How applicable that tomorrow is UN World Science Day for Peace and Development in the challenges we are facing in the world nowadays. One of the aims to ‘celebrate’ this day is ‘Stren..."
"Good morning! Enjoy your Sunday. Greets Jake "
"Good morning! Here is a bit of inspiration for the weekend. 'EU agri-food products to be protected in China.' (In Dutch) 'Amsterdams afvaloffensief voor een schone stad.' 'More than 6,000 Rubik's ..."
"Good morning! It is going to be an exciting day. For me personally, starting at VaVersa and talking future and afterwards rapidly into documentary mode with visits to Amsterdam Noord, the archives of..."
"Good morning! A quick tiny note to start up your day. Here are some interesting ‘meet ups’: (In Dutch) Talkshow Duurzame Mobiliteit 2020 ‘de toekomst is al begonnen’ met Staatssecretaris Stientje v..."
"Good morning! ‘Join forces with women around the world to fight sexual exploitation of children and impunity.’ Donate your voice. ‘The robots are coming ... to make our lives easier.’ (In Dutch) ‘..."
"Good morning! Let us dive into today’s spottings to inspire your morning. ‘Mars Science City -- designing for another planet.’ ‘Coronavirus: Is virtual reality tourism about to take off?.’ Terrapl..."
"Good morning dear citizen of the world, Today it is UN International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. “If we do not protect journalists, our ability to remain informed and make e..."
"Good morning global citizens! Just 2 months to go and we are in 2021! I am going to make it a deep dive Sunday with reading, reflecting and reaching out. And of course good food. To take you a bit w..."
"Good day! Today it is UN World Cities Day. “World Cities Day 2020 is the seventh global celebration since the day was launched on 31 October 2014 in Shanghai, China. Under overarching theme of Better..."
"Good morning! Say you are in a conversation and the topic of ethics and start ups comes up. And then someone asks you what is the most ethical start up at the moment? What would you answer? On a new..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Today we rise again, again and again! Two tiny powerful spottings that is inspiring my this morning note. 1.This is quite worrisome. The top trend by Gartner for 2021 ..."
"Good morning! In this morning note some inspiration that caught my attention. ‘This floating spaceport in Japan could bring space travel to the city.’ ‘Europe should lead the way on alternatives t..."
"Good morning member of modern society! UN Today, it is UN World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. “Mexican poet and former Director-General of UNESCO, Jaime Torres-Bodet, once said that archives are not..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Amsterdam on ‘Sustainable Recovery’. Infograph titled ‘The COVID-19 Impact on App Popularity.’ ’75 years of helping people everywhere.’ UN on Medium. Currently reading..."
"Good morning all! Just a quick note to wish you all a great Sunday! Best, Jake "
"Good morning! Hello world. Today, it is United Nations Day. ‘The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and its founding Charter.’ Time for reflection. Time for initiative. So..."
"Early weekend note Hi all, Here is some inspiration for the weekend. (In Dutch) Some quotes: Marietje Schaake: ‘Europa wordt hier niet eens genoemd.’ ‘Het bewijst ook hoe invloedrijk Facebook is. ..."
"Good morning fellow modern citizens! Tomorrow the UN is 75. The Charter of the United Nations came into force on 24 October 1945. Perhaps a moment to reflect on all the rights we have as humans. Tod..."
"Good morning! This note presents the Future Possibilities Report 2020, an item titled UNcomplicated: The UN turns 75 and our very own Peter Joziasse and his contribution to UN75. And did you see thi..."
"Good morning! In this note the artist Pejac. It is all about ‘message and adaption’. How about that for a quote of the day :) Sources: "
"Good morning modern citizen! Today is UN World Statistics Day. As UN Secretary-General António Guterres nicely put it: “The United Nations marks its seventy-fifth anniversary and the world deploys da..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Here are some spottings that triggered my early morning. ‘NASA and Nokia are putting a 4G network on the moon.’ ‘The Flaming Lips performed a concert with the band and ..."
"Sunday note Hi modern folks! Just sharing a piece of inspiration for the Sunday. Olivier surprised me with ... empanadas. Thanks man! Curious what type of empanadas? They certainly had a touch of Bo..."
"Good morning! In this morning note inspiration for the weekend. ‘Sweden's new car carrier is the world's largest wind-powered vessel.’ (In Dutch) ‘Nederland heeft een algoritmewaakhond nodig.’ (In..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Today is UN World Food Day. Please take some time to understand the need and developments in the world today when it comes to food. Everyone can do something. For instan..."
"Evening note Hi All! Here is a single spotting for you for this evening. Just something 'crazy'. Enjoy! Sources:"
"Good morning great people of the world! In this note a selection of spottings I encountered in starting up my day. (In Dutch) ‘MIVD waarschuwt voor risico spionage via smartphones tijdens vergaderin..."
"Evening note Hi global citizen! Here is a spotting to take you into the evening. BeanKind. 'The new app encouraging us to spread positivity via love taps.' What do you think about this app? More h..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Big week! This week might well become the most impactful for the direction of activities for the coming period. Excited! For now, some inspiration to get started. Take ..."
"Calling students and young professionals New grant available for 2020/2021 on the topic of AI, privacy and bots. The Wish Will Way Grant is a stimulation grant. Connect and contact me if interested..."
"Good morning, Good Sunday! Today is the UN International Day of the Girl Child. From source: ‘Progress for adolescent girls has not kept pace with the realities they face today, and COVID-19 has rein..."
"Good day happy citizen! In this note a selection of topics that caught my attention for the weekend. Today it is World Mental Health Day. (In Dutch) ‘Slimme fietshelm met ledlampjes kan richting aa..."
"Good morning! In this note a selection of posts that caught my attention. Enjoy your Friday. (In Dutch) ‘Chileense buurt helpt verdwaalde zeeolifant terug naar zee.’ In Amsterdam there is an exhibi..."
"Good morning! Today a selection of items that caught my attention. Although we are reaching the end of this year there is always time to take steps towards a more modern society. To start on a light..."
"Good morning fellow member of society, Today a health inspiration note. World Mental Health Day is coming. Mark 10 October in your agenda and please consider raising awareness. The world’s first 2..."
"Hi modern citizen! Evening note Corona Enquete (In Dutch) Ons team heeft net een Corona enquete opgesteld. Graag verzoek om in te vullen. Voor vragen gr..."
"Good morning! Today a note with a broad selection of inspiration. Fun. (In Dutch) A campaign about password - less. Will this be the new standard? Worrisome. There's 14 million metric tons of micr..."
"Dear world, A piece of inspiration for this Sunday. Our Klaskie did it again with ‘Doesn't matter’. Written by Klaskie (Instagram: @miss.klaskie) Vocals by Klaskie Produced by Klaskie Mixed and mas..."
"Dear all, Just one spotting for this Saturday. And it is fantastic. 'Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in wintertime.' Enjoy your evening. Source:"
"Pre weekend note Here is a broad set of spottings that might trigger thoughts in the weekend. Spotted on CNN: 'Big scary chasm opens up in Microsoft Flight Simulator reboot.' Tallship coming to Ams..."
"Good morning! In this note a couple of spottings that got my attention. Inclusive Algorithm. Just check it out. Naturalis 200 years. Explore. Nüshu. The women only language. Amsterdam 2050. Abou..."
"Good morning fellow citizen of the world, In this morning note inspiration to stimulate you for today and the coming quarter. ‘Giant Gundam robot’ ‘A new future through enterprise’. Our own Peter ..."
"Good morning! For this note a tiny collection of stuff I encountered this morning which triggered my thoughts and perhaps also yours. Thank you Marin for sharing this article with me titled ‘An Empi..."
"Good morning! Today it is 28 September. It is also the day UN titled International Day for Universal Access to Information. Details: There i..."
" Good morning! Just a quick note with a spark of inspiration for your Friday. Cactus Vegan Leather. Quote of the day: "Be courageous." Sources:"
"Good morning! The 25th Annual Webby Awards are in the making. Enter your greatest work here. Enjoy your day! Sources: "
"Hi you! Good morning! In this tiny morning note some stuff that caught my attention this morning. Spotted on BBC: ‘The surprising benefits of talking to strangers.’ Spotted in Techcrunch: ‘YouTube ..."
"From the iYYU Society A tiny note to highlight inspiration from the platform. Carlien Roodink just started using the 'Notes' function too. Worth the follow!! Sources:"
"Good morning! Today, 15 September, it is UN International Day of Democracy. In the words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres: “As the world confronts COVID-19, democracy is crucial in ensuring t..."
"Hi global citizen, Good morning! This morning note is a quick kick start of your week. Enjoy! Spotted on CNN: ‘The solar fridge helping African entrepreneurs living off the grid.’ Spotted on Sif..."
"A new food note Good evening dear followers, This food note presents ‘Keksi’. When I think of Keksi, I think of Aunt Olga. When visiting my dad on Curacao on arrival she always had this Suriname ca..."
"Good morning global modern citizen! Here is an idea! Digital Rights Cinema. Here are a couple of links to trailers of documentaries for your inspiration. We are working on bringing this cinema to the..."
"Good morning fellow modern citizen, In this morning note a couple of spottings and initiatives the caught my attention. (In Dutch) ‘Amsterdam zoekt AI oplossingen voor het verminderen van CO2.’ Ther..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In this morning note a couple of topics that drew my attention. Today it is 7 September. It is UN International Day of Clean Air for blue skies. According to the United ..."
"Good morning! Today, a note to stimulate you to think and act bold. Ask yourself: “If you do not do this who will?” Spotted on The New York Times: ‘Jetpack Sighting at 3,000 Feet Over Los Angeles P..."
"Good morning! Today a quick note in the morning for some inspiration to stimulate thinking along with your morning coffee or tea. Spotted on The New York Times:’ Waking Up at 4 A.M. Every Day Is the..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In this note some spottings to stimulate your thinking. ‘Amazon tribes are using drones to track deforestation in the Brazilian rainforest.’ Deep inside the Amazon the A..."
"Good morning! In this note two items that grabbed my attention. 1.’Technology has made my life worth living: Artist paints with her eyes.’ 2.’The people choosing to disappear in Japan.’ Sources: ..."
"Good morning! This weekend the following grabbed my thoughts. In this morning note a focus on the current migration challenge in Europe. By no means complete. Just an illustration of the enormous cha..."
"Congratulations note! Congrats Marin! Super news. Marin Beijerbacht just heard from VU that her bachelor thesis has been approved. Next step .. the AI master study in Utrecht. For now, enjoy! Sourc..."
"Good morning! One of the first items I encountered on the web this morning was: ‘750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys.’ You can imagine that this was a ..."
"A new Food note from me on this early evening. In Dutch: Aanrader: Maita in Haarlem. Chef Mike is great and his Nikkei kitchen is awesome. More on this Peruvian Japanese culinary movement in this bl..."
"Dear modern citizen! Excited! Today, on 19 August 2020, on UN World Humanitarian Day, we officially start with our campaign 'Find your settings button. Adjust your person data.'. We set up a dedicat..."
"Good evening! Food notes. I am going to share with you a couple of food notes in the coming period. It is fun to do. It might give you inspiration. It is also a way for me to discover how to use iYY..."
"Good morning! In this morning note a short feature on our digital rights steps as a build up to our campaign launch tomorrow, UN World Humanitarian Day. "Digital Rights are Human Rights." We have e..."
"Good morning! It is Monday 17 August 2020! This morning note might well be ‘historic’. But first. Two spottings to trigger your innovative spirits. ‘Why crises can be the best time to think long te..."
"Good morning member of today’s society, In this morning note a selection of ‘tech’ spottings impacting the shaping of society and which might influence how we interact in day to day life. In Dutch..."
"Good morning! This morning note features the InteractforGood initiative. ‘WALKCAR is a “portable car” invented in Japan.’ This is just one of the many developments today. What is the impact of tech..."
"Dear global citizen! Today is UN International Youth Day. The 2020 theme is Youth engagement for global action. On this day we also gladly present to you our new communication spa..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In Dutch: Jan Hoek wrote a letter to all youth. Tomorrow is UN International Youth Day. The 2020 theme is Youth engagement for global action. Our InteractforGood initia..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In this morning note a couple of spottings to inspire your week. ‘Meet Ella: New Zealand Police unveil first artificial intelligence officer.’ ‘The world can only cont..."
"Happy Birthday! Two years ago iYYU B.V. was founded in The Netherlands. Congrats to the team and all involved. A big thank you for the care, support and inspiration! Thank You! Exc..."
"Good day global citizen! In this note some interesting stuff to think about in the weekend. Spotted on BBC: Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lake ‘The world’s first bio-tech filter to quantifiably ..."
"Good morning critical citizen of modern society, In this note some items I found on the web, which I am curious about what your view is on the matter. Item 1: ‘Tel Aviv Mayor says City Hall will be ..."
"Good morning fellow member of modern society! In this note some creative stuff. Bing Bang by Etienne Krähenbühl. Embassy of Dutch Creativity on tour. More on Embassy of Dutch Creativity. Do you k..."
"Good morning global citizen! Before I forget it…please mark this date in your agenda: 12 August. It is UN International Youth Day. The theme for 2020 is ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’. With ou..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Today my morning note contains a seemingly random array of spottings. ‘What Hong Kong's iconic trams and ferries could look like in a post-Covid world’. A story by Ros..."
"Good morning! In this morning note a bit of tech, food and experience. Create a site by describing it’s functionality. The AI does the rest. In Dutch: ‘VS geeft Amazon toestemming om 3.236 interne..."
"Good morning! In this morning note some inspiration that caught my attention. Yesterday, it was the UN ‘World Day Against Trafficking in Persons’. Check out the Blue Heart campaign. Also, if you hav..."
"Good morning beautiful member of the global modern society! In this morning note some inspiration for the ‘art of seeing’. João Stanganelli makes dolls for kids to cope better with ‘vitiligo’. Do ..."
"Good morning! This morning note features tech news updates and the power of nature. But first. Nice installation .. ‘Street Aquarium’ Would you like to experience the Hyperloop for yourself? Thi..."
"Good morning global citizen! To start the week here is a divers set of spottings for inspiration. (In Dutch) Youth is looking for psychological help on social media. Interesting article by Deloitt..."
"Hi citizen of the modern world! Good morning. We live in challenging and inspiring times. In this morning note a quick run through of some tech developments you might want to take a second to think ..."
"Good morning! This short morning note presents a divers set of spottings on how some are dealing with challenging times. Nice Haka! In Holland Pathe is introducing a ‘drive in’ option. Where to sw..."
"Good morning! In this short morning note some ‘spottings’ to inspire the road towards a modern connected society. ‘The 2020 Internet Health Report is coming! What are your questions?’ - My question:..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In this morning note tech developments that (might) well shape our near future. Room service in a hotel. Robots! Eat with confidence with a Liftware spoon. Great spott..."
"Hi global citizen! Good morning! Today a short feature of UpLink and the soon to be expected new ‘entity’ option called BVm in The Netherlands. 'UpLink is a digital platform to crowdsource innovati..."
"Good morning member of society! In this morning note some items I encountered that grabbed my attention, and not only for just a brief moment. Pure inspiration. The Good, the ugly, impact from the pa..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Today a short note to trigger your thoughts on technology. 'Google launches balloon-powered internet service in Kenya.' Pro consumer Dutch association consumentenbond.n..."
" Good morning to you! In this morning note some What is the digital infrastructure of a city? In the coming period I will dive more and more into this topic and occasionally share with you some spo..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In this morning note a couple of spottings I encountered and which might trigger some thoughts here and there. In a view years, in The Netherlands, details about your ge..."
"Good morning global citizen! Humanity and the modern society. With that in mind I selected some inspiration for you to take into the weekend. Today, in Amsterdam at 16:00, the boat ‘Hart van Troost’..."
"Good morning! In this morning note some inspiration to trigger thoughts on the status of humans, humanity and connecting with humans. Artist Streetart Frankey made a lego version of enormous popular..."
"Good morning! Today it is UN International Day of the Tropics. ‘The future belongs to the Tropics.’ Here is some information about the Tropics that might point out why the Tropics will have an import..."
"Good morning! This Sunday I am immersing in the world of … Europol and it’s fight against cybercrime in particular in the domain of child sexual exploitation. I thought, well, let me share a little n..."
"Good morning modern society! In this morning note some inspiration to take with you into the weekend. Today, it is UN Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day. ‘According to the data provided ..."
"Hi modern citizen! Good morning! In this morning note an inspiring mix of spottings that lightened up my thinking and hopefully gives you pleasure too. A post in Dutch titled ‘The world needs a new..."
"Good morning! In this morning note a couple of things to stimulate you to take a moment and have precious thoughts. Today it is UN International Widows’ Day. ‘The loss of a partner is devastating. F..."
"Good morning! Today is UN World Refugee Day and the 2020 theme is ‘Every Action Counts’. Can you imagine living in a society in which every minute 20 people leave everything behind to escape war, per..."
"Good morning! Today a short and important note for thought. Today is UN Sustainable Gastronomy Day. ‘Gastronomy can be seen as a cultural expression related to the natural and cultural diversity of ..."
"Good morning! This morning note is some inspiration and hopefully ‘food for thought’. What does a ‘modern city’ look like? For those living and working in more and more connected societies I wonder ..."
"Good morning! What is your perspective on things. Does it make you happy? Does it positively contribute to bringing something further? Does it help society? Personally, this guitar piece always move..."
"Hi global citizen! Good morning! This morning note is stuff to think about. It is important to stand up for basic human rights in a society, which sometimes feels we are modern and sometimes still f..."
"Hi Global citizen, Good morning! In this morning note a couple of triggers to stimulate you to play your role in shaping modern society. “The past decade was the decade of convenience. The coming d..."
"Good morning! Today I want to stimulate appetite for growth and provide some inspiration for a pleasant day! In challenging times we must try to see the positive. Food for thought. Food for energy. F..."
"Good morning! Today is 10 June and it now feels that we need a ‘light’ note. Can a robot make an omelette? More on AI developments here. Ever tempted to visit Japan? And if you want to have a bite..."
"Good morning! Today a big morning note. Important stuff. Cool stuff. Futuristic stuff. Make it a memorable week! ‘The ocean is intimately tied to our health.’ Today is UN World Oceans Day. Every h..."
"Good morning! With this morning note my aim was to take your breath away. This used to be a positive saying. Today it is of course also very heavy. I am saying this with full respect of all those con..."
"Good morning! In this morning note a collection of interesting stuff that triggered my thinking and perhaps yours too. Starting with acknowledgement that bicycles have benefits. It is UN World Bicyc..."
"Good morning! This morning note is about the VU, talking buildings, avocados and loads of privacy related stuff, of course. Congrats to the VU in being the most sustainable university in The Netherl..."
"Good morning! In this morning note some Peace, Wild, Happiness, Nightlife and a view on food that we might be eating in 2021. Today is 29 May. It is International Day of UN Peacekeepers. The 2020 th..."
"Good morning! In this morning note just a small list of items I encountered this morning and perhaps also interesting for you. An article on BBC titled ‘How Covid-19 could redesign our world’. The ..."
"Good morning society! This morning note includes a nice video made by our friend Marcel Creemers, a feature on AI readiness, a reference to the latest issue of Magazine Digitale Stad, something calle..."
"Good morning! In this morning note bots, corona art, support students, Twitter and an AI app. Researchers find that bots are likely to be responsible for nearly half of COVID-19 tweets promoting fak..."
"Hello modern society! Here is some inspiration to get your week started. ‘Drive-in movie theaters are making a comeback thanks to coronavirus.’ ‘There has never been a greater need for accurate, ve..."
"Good morning global citizen! The Webby Awards - Honoring the Best of the Internet - announced the winners of the year. Check out the announcement and winners. The concept of Intellectual Humility. C..."
"Today reached beta status! Join us in shaping a modern society. Check out our first blog post: "
"Good morning! Have a great week. Mark the 17th in your agenda. It is the UN World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. I believe it is time to reset our thinking when it comes to the use o..."
"Good morning! It is 10 May, it is Sunday, in The Netherlands and in a few other countries it is Mother’s Day. In this morning note some human (defining) interesting links. ‘The women who created a ..."
"Good morning to all modern thinking, society members, This morning note is a list of remarkable stuff. Saying thanks to all those people taking care of us in these challenging times. Banksy Do we r..."
"Good morning! It is the 5th of May and in The Netherlands we celebrate 'Bevrijdingsdag'. Sources: "
"Good morning! Today on the 4th of May the Dutch have a Remembrance Day, 'Dodenherdenking'. Stay safe and hopefully have a peaceful day. "
"Good morning! In this morning note special attention to freedom. Freedom of movement. Freedom of solving problems. Freedom is caring. Freedom is hope. Animal and fish freedom Kieron Monks post on CN..."
"Good morning! This morning note is a short piece on ‘scale’. Scale, scaling, off and on the scale. Today is World Tuna Day. We should not ‘over fish’. Here is what the UN says. Here is what Greenpea..."
"(Note updated after original posting) Good morning global modern citizen! It is the 1st of May. In 1486 on this day, Columbus convinced Queen Isabella to fund an expedition to the West Indies, whi..."
"Good morning! Reset your thinking today! Today is the perfect day to start. Art ‘Music is more than sound’. Check out a project by Oskar Fischinger. Genre It is International Jazz Day. You can rea..."
"Good morning! Happy Birthday Olivier! My note for this morning will take you from cool people via real topics to yes 'Huskies'. Take Olivier Francescangeli for instance, ok we share the love for fo..."
"Hi Global Modern Citizen! 2020 Webby Nominees are announced. Start voting! You can vote for them in People’s Voice from now through May 7th. “The Internet is our glue right now. It is the most power..."
"Good morning modern citizen! Here is my 28 April 2020 morning note. First of all a big Happy Birthday to our Paul! Today I also would like to put a spotlight (again) on Klaskie. Check out for inst..."
"Good morning Amsterdam, hello modern society! Happy Birthday Willem Alexander. Today the Dutch celebrate ‘Koningsdag 2020’. Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand was born on 27 april 1967 as the fi..."
"Good morning! Wishing all a fulfilling Sunday. Lock Down - The ‘Bored’ Game. An article on ‘De Groene Amsterdammer’ (in Dutch). And Marcel Creemers with his Covid - 19 workout. Highly recommended..."
"(Note updated after original posting) Good morning! Today is a special day. It is World Book and Copyright Day. In diving into why this day had been chosen by the United Nations I found out that on ..."
"Good morning! ‘Participatory interaction’. Just think about it for a moment. In this morning note I frankly just want to share a thought with you. In my exploration on how to use for sharin..."
"Good morning to you! Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day. As the United Nations states it..’There may be no universal understanding of creativity. The concept is open to interpretation from ..."
"A good morning to modern society! This morning note is a bit techy. Cool spottings for lost moments, an interesting read about Toronto and urban movement, a soccer stadium like none other and a note ..."
"Good morning modern citizen! In Amsterdam it is a sunny Sunday. This morning note is a quick overview of news items I came by, music, libraries, other stuff and a message from our mayor, Femke Halse..."
"Hello modern citizen! The time has come to share with you the correct answers to the first editions of the Digital Rights 1 Question Quiz. CORRECT ANSWERS AND INFORMATION Digital Rights 1 Question ..."
"Hello modern citizen! Hope you will have a great Saturday. I call this morning note … ‘On a lighter note the Internet is just also fun sometimes.’ Just spotted someone ‘surfing in an apartment’. Pleas..."
"(Note updated after original posting) Hello modern citizen! Good morning. Here is the second Digital Rights 1 Question Quiz. Digital Rights 1 Question Quiz (17 April) Who directed the documentary ‘Lo..."
"Good morning modern society! Today a different kind of morning note. Introducing the ‘Digital Rights 1 Question Quiz’. Digital Rights 1 Question Quiz (16 April 2020) Which article of the Universal D..."
"Hello modern society! Today, here in Amsterdam, the sun is shining. In this short morning note I would like to draw attention to three topics, which can be viewed separately but as ‘food for thought..."
"Hello modern society! Hope your weekend was good. My morning note today wants to draw attention to neglected tropical diseases like Dengue and Chagas. Yes Corona, COVID 19, is claiming the spotlight ..."
"Hello modern society! Something beautiful will come your way. Inspired by a Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams song this is my wish for you. Stay safe and connect and stay in contact with those importa..."
"(Dutch) Zoals het stelt, vandaag is een bijzondere dag voor sommigen en hoe doe je dat in 'isolatie'? Hier wat tips gevonden op het Internet variërend van een parcours met ei tot aan een digital..."
"Congratulations team iYYU for kicking off the 'Hello modern society' campaign yesterday on the 10th of April 2020. The campaign supports our efforts in opening up and reaching beta status. Th..."
"Hello modern society! Hello! "
"Nice initiative on COVID related innovations brought to you by the teams behind TrendWatching and Business of Purpose. Nice Reinier! Check out and follow Reinier via h..."
"(Dutch) Gemeente Amsterdam wil alle mooie initiatieven die nu ontstaan versterken. Bekijk Wij Amsterdam. "
"Stay safe Curacao! Hier een impressie van de 'Lockdown' op Curacao in een video van Wishing my friends and family all the best. Stay safe! Source:"
"Good morning! Check out the photos by The New York Times. Link: The Great Empty - Photographs by The New York Times Also an interesting read. Stay safe! "
"The discussion on ‘digital rights’ also when it concerns your health, needs to take place now more than ever. What is happening with all that ‘person data’ that is collected now in times of Coronaviru..."
"Stay safe! Please check out the video made available by ViDi on how to wash your hands Of course you have checked out all kind of dashboards a..."
"Join the conversation! 'To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations has launched the biggest-ever global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we want.' Go..."
"EU's digital strategy Have a look here "
"(Dutch) Het Interact for Good team is op zoek naar enthousiaste beta testers. Geef je hier op "
"The Webby Award extended deadline was last Friday. Good luck to all entries! Looking forward to the ceremony in New York. Check out the 2020 Webby Trend Report titled Under..."
"(Dutch) In Nederland gebeurt het! Leuk hoor Sidewalk in Toronto of Toyota aan de voet van de Fuji berg in Japan. Vandaag bij Brainport Smart District. Mooi team. Hartelijk dank voor de aandacht! "
"Happy new year! "
"Enjoy the jump into 2020! "
"This Friday, 20 December, is the deadline for entering the Webby Awards. Enter your work here The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. "
"Today it is Human Rights Day. 10 December — the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR): a milestone document proclaiming the inalien..."
"You make 'privacy convenience' decisions daily. Please remember ... You are a dataset online. "
"Thanks Florentine and Guus and of course the rest of the team. Nice drinks and opening of the activities in Barcelona. Met some very impressive people. "
"Yes! Arrived in Barcelona. Preparing for the digital rights panel that takes place tomorrow during International Smart City Business Forum Want to connect with me? Please connect on https://i..."
"Thanks to Job and co for the great workshop during the Digital Rights House lab session. We made a stop motion video together! Good luck Job with the final steps. Looking forward to share our outcome ..."
"Thanks to Marin and friends for the nice discussion on digital rights last night #standup4humanrights #youareyourprofile "
"Congrats to the Interact. Value: team and all involved! Interact. Value: XL has started. Over 20 meet-ups for more than 300 participants will take place in the coming two weeks. Exciting! https://inte..."
"Today, 31 October is World Cities Day. "Let us commit to embracing innovation to ensure a better life for future generations and chart a path towards sustainable, inclusive urban development that bene..."
"Working on the story 'You are Your profile' Watch this space "
"Yes! A new release of Congrats to all involved. This is a giant leap for society, and as of now luckily just a small step for all of us as individuals. I hope you join me on iYYU too..."
"Nice piece on AeroFarms on highlighting the vertical farming trend. Great to be part of VaVersa - Ultra local is the new fresh!"
"Just back from a quick visit to London. One of the highlights of this trip was the Growing Underground experience. An actual underground farm. Cool!"
"Congrats to the VaVersa team for launching their new platform on to connect and stay in contact with their clients and other stakeholders. Great things to come I am sure!"
"Good morning London! Today City Hall, Dutch Embassy and Imperial College. If you are in town just let me know. I am using iYYU to connect and stay in contact in a more privacy aware manner. My persona..."
"Our digital rights are important! I am curious what the 'Cities for Digital Rights' event will bring this morning during WeMakeThe.City 2019 in Amsterdam. Thanks CTO Amsterdam team for the invitation...."
"Will VaVersa change the way we grow and cook with herbs and micro greens? I highly recommend talking to the VaVersa team. They are cool. Keep an eye on for developments. "
"What is your view on the future of communication? This is what the team at Interact. Value: is focussing on. For example; I just spotted a short video with Tanmay Bakshi (IBM) as he meets with student..."
"Excited! The last couple of months the team at iYYU tried and tested a workshop format to stimulate participants to think about the potential of Access Thinking for their (new) business. Learn all abo..."
"Congrats to the team at Interact. Value: for becoming a separate legal entity. Proud of their dedication to the mission of inspiring youth and professionals to develop their own vision on the future o..."
"This is a giant leap for society, and as of now luckily just a small step for all of us as individuals. I hope you join me on iYYU too and also choose to connect and stay in contact with the people yo..."