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Marcel Kaptein
"Love the way Apple grabs the Privacy opportunity in all their presentations. WWDC2021 "
"So you thought you where safe on your laptop? Watch this documentary about Rats and Slaves. "
"An article about in my opinion a great way to create long term vision and participation to citizens. Have a nic..."
"Maybe a first step towards a more fair competition of online interactions and good news for iYYU: New York attorney general announces lawsuit against Facebook by coalition of states "
"Real nice to be a video chef on our iYYU special day. Six people, all cooking from their homes, making the same dish on the same time. Maybe to be repeated? In this case the meal was "Pad Thai". As a ..."
"Trying to stay out of the wrong bubbles on big platforms. Here is something that brings me joy: Les Twins "
"Recapture your data! A really interesting documentary about ownership of data with the formal CTO of Barcelona. Tegenlicht Source:"
"So, tomorrow in Holland we celebrate the "National Korkettendag". A Dutch treat invented by the chef of the French king Louis XIV. He called them "Croquets". Maybe I will take one tomorrow..... "
"A really nice implementation of mathematical algorithms. I love this demonstration with drones.With at the end of the show an ethical question about the use of machines. "
"Why do we accept limiting our freedom during Corona, but find it patronizing when Government and RIVM points to our own health and resistance in the fight against Corona? In this Podcast Joost Swart (..."
"Creating a Corona-app by the Government is a difficult story. Will they succeed? Article in Dutch "
"Time to make some vegetarian eggplant meatballs! "
"Because I like art, here’s some Corona street art. "
"Interessant interview met Maurice de Hond. Een data-analyse over Corona. Wie weet behulpzaam voor het herstel van de economie. "
"Voor de awareness is er deze "app" ;-) "
"Hello modern society! Hello! "
"Do you like nice snacks? Follow Mooie Hapjes "
"We love the convenience of what is offered to us for free by the technology companies, most time without thinking about what the costs are."