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Marcel Kaptein
Marcel Kaptein
"My mother always said: "A country gets the leader they deserve". Nowadays you can also say "the world gets the platform they deserve". The last decades we were blinded by the fun and the ease of use o..."
"It's easier to say "we are concerned about your privacy", then to act on it. Many platforms use these words, but earn money by selling our person data. We see lots of new initiatives on privacy aware ..."
"Kranzberg's laws of technology Interesting.... The historian Melvin Kranzberg born in 1917 defined 6 laws of technology: Technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral.Invention is the mother ..."
"So you thought you where safe on your laptop? Watch this documentary about Rats and Slaves. "
"Our politicians use often on-liners and metaphors to make things clear. But if you use them too much, things become unclear. This hilarious scene shows you the effect of using too much metaphors in po..."
"Real nice to be a video chef on our iYYU special day. Six people, all cooking from their homes, making the same dish on the same time. Maybe to be repeated? In this case the meal was "Pad Thai". As a ..."
"Recapture your data! A really interesting documentary about ownership of data with the formal CTO of Barcelona. Tegenlicht Source:"
"In Holland, we are waiting for bad news to be told this evening by our prime minister. The expectation is that a serious lockdown is needed to slow down the Corona infections. I have read an article ..."
"So, tomorrow in Holland we celebrate the "National Korkettendag". A Dutch treat invented by the chef of the French king Louis XIV. He called them "Croquets". Maybe I will take one tomorrow..... "
"Talking about Privacy... Inez Weski has made it an art. Here a resume of the program Zomergasten. On 18th of June I commented in a note on Governments who find it patronizing to talk about our health..."
"A really nice implementation of mathematical algorithms. I love this demonstration with drones.With at the end of the show an ethical question about the use of machines. "
"Yesterday's Apple WWDC 2020 round-up was interesting. Nice features are coming on IOS14 and MacOS Big Sur. I like the way Apple gives attention to the subject "Privacy". You can see it at the 55th min..."
"Why do we accept limiting our freedom during Corona, but find it patronizing when Government and RIVM points to our own health and resistance in the fight against Corona? In this Podcast Joost Swart (..."
"Colt Clarke and the Quarantine Kids playing "You can call me Al"...say no more. Pick your favorite song in this Channel. "
"Creating a Corona-app by the Government is a difficult story. Will they succeed? Article in Dutch "
"How AI depends on the maintenance of their developers is made clear by the change of human interest during the Corona pandemic. An interesting article. "
"Time to make some vegetarian eggplant meatballs! "
" A very interesting expert debate on Dutch tv: Overleven na Corona about future life after Corona. (in Dutch) How normal am I? Do the test about your Digital freedom on (in D..."
"Because I like art, here’s some Corona street art. "
"Like many others, I am working on my health and a good condition. After 3 weeks I can tie my shoelaces again, without being out of breath! Contact me for a conversation about methods to stay healthy. "
"Interessant interview met Maurice de Hond. Een data-analyse over Corona. Wie weet behulpzaam voor het herstel van de economie. "
"Re-Note van Marin Beijerbracht: The eternal value of Privacy "the premise that privacy is about hiding a wrong. It's not. Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the hum..."
"Voor de awareness is er deze "app" ;-) "
"Je kunt gemakkelijk inloggen op met jouw iYYU inloggegevens. Handig toch! "
"Hello modern society! Hello! "
"Thank different "
"Do you like nice snacks? Follow Mooie Hapjes "
"Vandaag werk ik aan een nieuwe Space "mooie hapjes" genaamd. Be my member. :-)"
"We love the convenience of what is offered to us for free by the technology companies, most time without thinking about what the costs are."