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Marin Beijerbacht
Marin Beijerbacht
"When browsing for something related to a raspberry pi I came across this article detailing how you could set up your own personal cloud, which could be a more privacy aware solution to using a service..."
"Looking for a new podcast to listen to and are you interested in artificial intelligence and the human brain? This podcast might just be the thing for you. It is called Brain Inspired and covers topic..."
"Having only recently finished a machine learning course, the confusion about all the different types of neural networks(NNs) and which one is utilized for what has only just abated. When I stumbled up..."
"Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic questions and issues around privacy have come to the public eye once again. The balance of what to disclose, what guidelines to break to help fight COVID-19 and wh..."
"If you want to do yourself a favor; read this article if you have time. To me it was highly interesting and it gives a nice perspective on why we should care (more) about our privacy. Here is an exc..."
"Hello, currently I am looking into social recommendation systems and the trust surrounding such systems (and recommendation systems in general). Now I found a paper which will probably form a nice bas..."
"Hi, if you are interested in bots this note might be interesting to you.During my research I found a paper talking about the reasons people use chatbots. This is good to know so we can understand what..."