Rosa is saying:
"This New York Times bestseller is my inspiration at the moment: The choice; embrace the possible. Highly recommended! "
"Wednesday tip: The Syllabus 'Best Of Podcasts' Series which is a curated playlist of the best new podcast episodes broug..."
"Happy International Women's Day! #ActForEqual "

I believe we all have the potential to achieve the things we have in mind. Be curious about those things, listen to your body and follow your own path.
Be open and positive and discover your true passion, in a digitalized world full of inspiring options.
Fight for your right to self-determination and help others to do the same. Offline and online. It is my ‘Empire state of mind’ while living in Amsterdam.

Creating the privacy first communication platform iYYU with a role in product development and usage design focussing on data ownership.

Working on my first child book.

Digital rights advocate.

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