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Rosa Louwerse
Rosa Louwerse
"Today I had the opportunity to moderate a session about social protection online during the United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2021. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to bring th..."
"From Barcelona, a new Privacy first blog has been published on iYYU. In our journey to create a Privacy first communication platform, we are moving forward everyday. In this blog we dive into the wor..."
"Now live, my Privacy first blog post about our (iYYU) promise ‘You give us your trust, we are Privacy first’. Curious what you think :) "
"Happy to share with you our latests (iYYU) release! We added ‘Society’ as platform discovery to your iYYU platform navigation. Our trinity is now complete ;) Very curious what you think of it! Feel f..."
"Preparing a new release, coming the end of October :) "
"This New York Times bestseller is my inspiration at the moment: The choice; embrace the possible. Highly recommended! "
"Wednesday tip: The Syllabus 'Best Of Podcasts' Series which is a curated playlist of the best new podcast episodes brought to you by "
"Happy International Women's Day! #ActForEqual "
"Check out: "
"Last night I saw the documentary 'RGB' about the exceptional life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Inspiring to see how see devoted her life to fight for gender equality and women's rights step by step. Highly..."
"Yeah! New interface of is live! "
""We should have equal opportunities to thrive in society and the economy" Time for a new note! I just ran into this document from the European Commission about the status of gender equality in the E..."
"Happy international Youth Day! "
"Nice example of the future of agriculture, building a garage of 1500m2 into a city farm. Check it out here. Have a nice sunny weekend! "
"In case you have missed it: check out this video of AOC. Go for it! "
"Spotting of today: Soundtrackcity. About how sounds of the city (Amsterdam) can or can't contribute positively to your living experience in a city. "
"The magic has a name; Neowise! You can spot this beauty on Friday evening, best way to start your weekend;) "
"It is magic! Who already saw this beauty? "
"Curious why people do enjoy loud music but get headaches from construction noises? This interesting piece in Parool gives you an explanation :) It is all about the meaning we give to a specific sound...."
"Assuming that you are obliged to have contact with all your connections every week, what kind of questions would you ask the most? Why I want to know this? Just ask me... ;) "
"Celebrating UN's Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day! In todays society small businesses are playing a crucial role in our daily live. These types of enterprises are responsible for signifi..."
"It is a Henry Saturday! Very excited to take the next steps in developing the book. On today’s agenda, finishing the last chapter of the story and creating the first illustrations. The Henry space wil..."
" is in beta! Yes we did it! Very exciting for the next phase! "
"Have a nice weekend! "
"Just minutes ago, I found a video about an augmented reality (AR) cut & past scenario that is pretty cool. For me AR is something 'new' meaning that I'm not really aware what is already out there ..."
"Do you know how remembering works? Are your memories always reliable? Questions that are answered in this Netflix series 'The Mind Explained'. I highly recommend watching it! Interesting to hear wh..."
"Wish you a creative Sunday! "
"Hello! Like to share a new recipe today. It is al about jackfruit. This fruit grows mainly in asian countries and is in my opinion the best meat substitute out there. It is just fruit with the texture..."
"To all the Dutch: do you close your curtains when it’s getting dark outside? Why this question? It seems that in this Corona times, where we all at home, it is even more noticeable that we as Dutch ..."
"My collegae Martijn shared a great note yesterday which I like to recommend to you as well! It is all about getting a digital haircut.. curious how? Put on your headphones and sit back and relax for j..."
"Happy Sunday! Yesterday I found a great recipe that I like to share here. It is a really simple one but great if you want to impress your dinner guest with some extra love. It is the Herb & Garl..."
"Hello modern society!!! BIG DAY! "
"Check out ViDi! This brand new beautiful initiative creates video tutorials with the aim to share knowledge with people in developing countries. It is great to see how they help others in a modern way..."
"Home office installed.. "
"Release day Tuesday! Notes on your interact page, easy to stay up to date with your connections! "
"Happy international women’s day! I’m generation Equality: realizing women’s rights! "
"For my Dutch followers; Henry de papegaai heeft weer een update gekregen. Check it out: "
"Proud of Klaske who is showing here collection at New York Fashion Week! "
"New year new beginnings! Back in town after a wonderful trip to Indonesia! "
"Creating something new for :) "
"Very excited about our new release! "
"Did some updates on "
"Just a normal Tuesday and that is fine. "
"Digital Rights are human rights! Curious what you think about the Netflix docu 'The great hack'. "
"Volg mij! Ik vind het super leuk om te delen wat we met het team doen om steeds een beetje meer te laten groeien. Als je op de 'Follow' knop klikt volg je deze berichtjes :) "
"Henry is moving forward! New steps taken. More to come. "
"Vorige week zijn er nieuwe gebruikers toegevoed aan het Beta Testing Programma. Zeer excited! Benieuwd wie er nu allemaal in de iYYU society zit? Ga naar "
"We started the day with a You are Your profile workshop! "
" "
"Introducing Thursday: Henry de papegaai Henry is a little parrot living in an urban jungle. Do you want to know more about Henry? Subscribe to and get access to all his adventur..."
"Quote of today: just do it. "
"Yes Henry de papegaai is daar! Neem een kijkje en volg mijn schrijfproces van Henry de papegaai. "
"Introducing Thursday. Today some attention for Maikel. Our head of Development. If you have great ideas for iYYU features, Maikel is the one. He is a huge fan of Ajax so maybe that's is your starting ..."
"Introducing Thursday! Oeps, it is Friday.. I like to introduce Martijn , our Vixer @iYYU. Curious about that? He loves to connect with you! Martijn and I always joking about.. a lot of things (br..."
"Today it was release day. Did you already discover ' Ask VIC ' in your Interact? Curious what you think! "
"Feedback Forward Monday: we love feedback. Did you already noticed that we've created some special feedback forms to gather all your feedback? if not, check it out here! Love to hear what you think!..."
"Your thoughts shape your vision "
"Exciting times! The Beta Testing Program has entered into a new phase leading towards the Beta Launch at the end of the year. Curious? Connect with me! "
"The Future of Communication is created by You! "
"Introducing Thursday! Marcel is our foody in the team and also co-founder of Culijoy. EAT LOVE SHARE! We like to make lunch for the rest of the team and Marcel his 'Blauwe hap' is our favourite. "
"Do you have a question about the development of Please feel free to reach out to me. Love to tell more! "
"Have a nice Friday! "
"Are you an early adopter, a person who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available? Connect with me and sign up for the iYYU list! By signing up you will be added to the reser..."
"Connect & Stay in contact! iYYU is a modern privacy aware communication platform for professionals and professional organisations. Curious? By signing up on you will be added to th..."