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I'm one of the founders of; the modern and privacy by design communication platform. Our domain of focus is ‘You in interaction’. We believe it is important that interaction with customers, partners, fans, members, subscribers, citizens, investors, all individuals you cherish, should be done in a more privacy aware way. With you can connect and stay in contact with those important to you. I'm proud to work with an enthusiastic team to give the world the best tool for external communication. In my work the personal challenges of a person and teams are always a priority for me.

As a professional I'm owner of the holding Personally > Next. Furthermore I'm proud to be a volunteer of the Unicef Business Buddie initiative and initiator of the Interact for Good youth-program and ARTiCORONA. Follow me and read my notes. Connect with me and interact more personal. I gladly invite you to become a member of my new communication space on

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