Privacy first milestones

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‘Log on to the Web’ Platform


The platform has been set up to make it easier to understand what is happening at iYYU Infra. You are invited to join the fun and contribute to the development of a better digital infrastructure for a more and more digital world.

‘Change the way You log on to .. anything!’

We support the ‘Helpdesk for digital rights for citizens’ initiative


Currently a research project is taking place with the aim to permanently provide all citizens with the opportunity to be heard when it comes to digital human rights violations in cities. This initiative was launched by Digital Rights House Foundation.

iYYU supports the Amsterdam pilot.

iYYU team doing good


iYYU Doing Good Foundation launched the iYYU team doing good program enabling team members to contribute to cool projects.

‘Putting people first in a digital world’

iYYU Infra B.V. incorporation


iYYU Infra is born. Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a frontrunner city when it comes to digital (human) rights and home to iYYU B.V..

With the incorporation of iYYU Infra, our aim is to play an important role in bringing a better digital infrastructure for a more and more digital world.

Your visibility in Society


With the release of the third section, Society, a new layer of managing your visibility settings has been added. Society is the place where you can discover what's happening on the platform. You can be found by other users and your notes are visible. But only when you give permission. In 'Me' you can manage your Society visibility. Your Privacy first features are applicable for all sections of the platform, also in Society.

Releasing visibility per connection


With this release we implemented the next step of being in control of your data. From today on all users are able to manage their visibility settings per connection.

Defining My Trust thinking


You give us your trust. This is at the heart of all developments of the iYYU platform. As a start up we differentiate ourselves from the traditional organisations by bold decisions. My Trust thinking involves perspectives on Control, Transparency, Individual attention and Consistency. In developing our platform and company further we aim to take these aspects very seriously. And specifically on matters of Control and Transparency to a level few others dare or can pursue.

Creating initial ‘Me’ functionality on iYYU platform


A special, prominent, section on the iYYU platform for all users has been created. A personal space, ‘My iYYU’, which is coined ‘Me’ in which the user can manage all trust related topics. This will be the home of Privacy first features that are relevant for the individual user when active on the iYYU platform.

Setting up the iYYU Doing Good Foundation


Human Rights Day is the perfect day to create our own foundation with the purpose of helping to accelerate a more modern society. iYYU team members can spend time on foundation projects. Cool stuff to come!

Taking the Person Data Pledge


By taking the Person Data Pledge, the iYYU team promises to embrace the concept of the Person Data Stack in developing the iYYU platform further. This is also the launch of a number of initiatives with the aim to be Privacy first.

Creation of the Person Data Stack concept


The world needs a new perspective on data. When looking at data, all data is directly or indirectly traceable to a person of interest. The concept of person data needs to be defined in a more broader sense. The Person Data Stack is a guide. For iYYU a pillar.

iYYU B.V. incorporation


iYYU is born. With the incorporation of iYYU company, the world is an ambitious start up richer! 

Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a frontrunner city when it comes to human rights in the digital age, iYYU has found a home. And a launch pad to the world. Thank you to all for your trust. The journey begins. Privacy first. 

Kick off Trust research


iYYU wants to take the concept of trust to a more modern level. Initial exploration has provided the confidence that iYYU can redefine and increase the trust factor in a connected society. A Trust research program has been developed. 

Creation of Vision statement


Creation of Vision statement: A modern communication platform

The world needs a modern communication platform. A more and more connected society means more and more interactions. A world in which all humans can be in full control of their person data when in contact with those important to them. This is our vision.

Our Privacy first blog

A collection of blog posts brought to you by the iYYU team, edited by Rosa Louwerse.

You give us your trust, we are privacy first

Privacy is a Human Right (Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights - proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948)