About iYYU

iYYU is a modern privacy aware communication platform for professionals and professional organisations. Our aim is to help you create and grow valuable interactions with your customers and other important stakeholders. iYYU - Connect & Stay in contact.

iYYU BV was founded in The Netherlands and has been registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce in Amsterdam (Registration number: 72321474). iYYU’s office is located on Tommaso Albinonistraat 2 in Amsterdam. (Postcode: 1083 HM).

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Our steps in Privacy

Privacy is more and more a defining building block of a mature Internet. We as people use the Internet increasingly to communicate with others. iYYU is all about valuable interactions. Our aim is to bring you a modern privacy aware communication tool to enable you to connect and stay in contact with those important to you. We want your trust. Privacy in our view is key to gaining your trust. In our road to Beta status we will implement all those privacy measures which give you control of your profile. Watch this space and follow our commitments to trust.