About iYYU

Use iYYU.com to connect and stay in contact with those important to you. iYYU.com is a modern, privacy by design, communication platform for professionals, which centralises the interaction with customers and other stakeholders. Your external communication modernised!

Our domain of focus is ‘You in interaction’. We believe it is important that interaction with customers, partners, fans, members, subscribers, citizens, investors, all individuals you cherish, should be done in a more privacy aware way.

Sign up for an account: https://iyyu.com/sign-up.

Get inspired by the team behind iYYU.com: https://getinspired.iyyu.com.

Join the team

At iYYU we are working hard to give the world the best tool for external communication. Join us to do the most purposeful work of your life and accelerate the rise of a modern society. Currently, we are looking for ‘PHP Symfony’ developers and a designer with experience in Vue.js to join the team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us. You can contact us via support@iyyu.com. iYYU.com users can simply leave a message via the Support tab after logging on.

Do you want to reach out to some of our team members directly?
Connect with Rosa Louwerse via https://iyyu.com/vi/rosa-louwerse.
Connect with Peter Joziasse via https://iyyu.com/vi/peter-joziasse.
Connect with Jake Blok via https://iyyu.com/vi/jake-blok.

Berlin and London
Do you live, work in Berlin or London and want to meet up? Please reach out directly to Jake Blok via https://iyyu.com/vi/jake-blok.

Press contact
Are you from the press? Please connect with Peter Joziasse via https://iyyu.com/vi/peter-joziasse.

iYYU HQ is located on Amstelveenseweg 690 in Amsterdam, 1081 JJ. iYYU B.V. was founded in The Netherlands and is registered at the Dutch chamber of commerce in Amsterdam with number: 72321474

Raising the trust factor

We believe you give us your trust when using iYYU.com. We believe you need to be in control of your person related data. And we believe privacy is a basic human right. In developing iYYU.com further as a modern, privacy by design, communication platform we are aware we need to raise the trust bar. Via product updates and blog posts we aim to keep you informed about our trust efforts. Do you have ideas or comments on trust related topics please log on and share your thoughts with us via the Support tab or reach out to us directly.